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Vision Technology

Utilizing FANUC’s iRVision capabilities, Cognex vision, and Keyence Vision, we are able to provide integrated vision solutions for various industries. From 3D bin picking to inspection, our industrial-grade vision products range from 2D to 3D, enabling products to be made at higher speeds with less error.


Our team of in-house experts are dedicated to developing integrated robotic vision products that are quick to install, easy to use, and ultra-flexible. The iRVision application solution can be implemented without complicated programming or expert knowledge. Additionally, iRVision doesn’t require an interface to external devices or any additional hardware for the setup and operation. The vision process configuration can be done directly on the robot controller itself, on the Teach Pendant, or on any IE-capable device.

FANUC’s iRVision includes:

  • iRVision 2D
  • iRVision 3D by 3DL Sensor Head
  • iRVision with 3DV Sensor
  • iRVision with 3DA Area Sensor
  • iRPickTool
  • iRCalibration

We are able to design, program, and commission 3D bin picking applications utilizing multiple technologies. With FANUC’s iRVision capabilities, we can detect pick various parts for precise placement.

The iRVision with 3D Area Sensor uses a projector unit for 3D measurement. The 3D data is measured in a wide area by projecting structure light very quickly for reliable detection. A 3DA Sensor can be mainly used for depalletizing and bin picking.

Robotic Carton Palletizing System including Fanuc M410iB/140H palletizing robot with indeed from Hytrol EZ Logic 24 volt zero pressure accumulation conveyor and Hytrol 138 ACC powered accumulating roller conveyor. Alba pallet dispenser, Alba CDLR pallet conveyor and Alba 3 strand chain transfer conveyor used to send palletized load to Wulftec WCA Smart stretch wrapper.

FANUC’s 2D iRVision finds parts and their precise position and orientation. Production flexibility increases because expensive positioning fixtures are not required. This kind of vision is suited for any material handling application including palletizing and depalletizing as well as vision inspection.

FANUC’s 3D iRVision by 3DL Sensor Head uses a hybrid sensor head for the 3D vision function. Laser light projection are used for reliable detections. The projection of structured light makes the system robust against various surface conditions. Using this hybrid technology, FANUC’s 3DL Sensor can detect the position and posture of a part in 3D.

FANUC R2000iC/165F FoundryPro robot for Presrite forging application
FANUC M-10iA robot tending a lathe mockup. Raw parts are introduced into the system using a 3 drawer MT Series drawer cabinet. Parts are processed in the lathe, unloaded and cleaned (removal of chips and coolant) in a MiJet blow off station and then fully cleaned in a top-load wash/dry system. For faster load/unload times, the robot enters and exits the lathe through an ACE AutoDoor mounted to the front of the lathe. Once fully processed, the parts are then placed back into the MT Series Drawer cabinet.

Cognex advanced machine vision and industrial barcode reader systems deliver instant improvements to any manufacturing process, enabling products to be made at higher speed without defects and at lower cost.

2D Vision-Congnex In-Sight® 2D machine vision systems have the ability to inspect, identify, and guide parts. These industrial-grade systems combine a library of advanced vision tools with high-speed image acquisition and processing.

3D Vision- Advanced machine vision and industrial barcode reader systems deliver instant improvement to any manufacturing process, enabling products to be made at a higher speed without defects.

Keyence Vision systems include an interchangeable camera system that supports line scan camera. A highly flexible image processing system, it can be used quickly with simple camera setup and connection. LumiTrax eliminates lighting headaches and has easy setup for vision-guided robotics. Additionally, inline 3D makes new inspection possible for any workpiece.

FANUC M-20iA robot with a dual iRVision camera setup palletizing fragile parts onto a tray. A multi-headed vacuum end of arm tool picks multiple parts and then places them onto a tray in a pre-determined pattern. Spacers are placed in between parts in a known sequence, creating the desired tray load. A custom infeed conveyor with individual lift stations provides no part to part contact for parts entering the cell.