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Maximize your storage space, lower costs, and minimize your footprint with optimal material and product storage solutions.

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Types of Storage Solutions

Warehouse storage solutions include a range of traditional material handling products and advanced technologies – all designed to optimize the storage, handling, and retrieval of products and materials in a warehouse setting. 

Automated Storage Technology

Automated storage solutions include advanced technologies, such as an ASRS, automated picking systems, automated load and unload, and more. Adaptec Solutions’ significant experience in material handling combined with our expertise in automation technology allows us to be a versatile partner for small or large companies looking to optimize their warehouse.

Automated Storage & Retrieval System (ASRS)

ASRS is an automated system used in warehouses and distribution centers to manage the storage and retrieval of products, materials, and inventory. The system typically consists of a high-density storage system (racking, shelving, carousels), automated material handling equipment (cranes, conveyors, robots), and advanced software systems for inventory management, tracking, and reporting. Designed to automatically place and retrieve loads from specific storage locations, an ASRS uses computer-controlled methods for applications where large amounts of inventory are moved into and out of a warehousing or distribution center. 

An ASRS aims to increase storage density, improve accuracy, reduce manual labor, and improve overall supply chain efficiency. An ASRS provides faster, more accurate, and cost-effective warehouse operations.


Storage carousels are an automated material handling system with rotating shelves that move up or down in response to your commands, delivering items to you through ergonomically safe and convenient access windows. These systems are typically used in warehouses and distribution centers to vertically store and retrieve goods or materials. They are designed to maximize storage capacity while optimizing picking and storage processes. 

Carousels are particularly useful for storing small to medium-sized items such as parts, tools, components, and other inventory with high turnover rates. By automating the storage and retrieval process, carousels can optimize warehouse operations, reduce errors, and streamline material handling processes. 

Hanel Rotomat carousel system with an operator picking parts from a bin

Traditional Storage Technology

Traditional storage technology typically includes various manual and semi-automated methods for storing, handling, and organizing product and materials in a warehouse.

Racking Systems

Storage racking consists of various rack types that hold materials and products, ranging from simple metal shelving units to complex multi-level pallet racks. Racking systems are designed to efficiently store and organize goods and materials within a warehouse or distribution center. An efficient racking system provides a systematic and space-saving approach to managing inventory, allowing for easy access and retrieval of products.

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A mezzanine is a standalone structure constructed within an existing building that is designed to make the most of clear space under and above the mezzanine platform, creating supplementary manufacturing, storage, or office space. 

We provide standard and custom mezzanine design and engineering services to fulfill your specific requirements. With the ability to be disassembled and relocated, a mezzanine offers a scalable solution for future facility expansion.

Modular Office Systems

Modular offices can be used for clean rooms, foreman’s offices, CNC rooms, QC labs, and sound or paint enclosures. Modular offices can be built on mezzanines, freeing up floor space for work or storage.

Adaptec offers a wide variety of quality, pre-engineered modular offices and work systems.

2 floor modular office installation with 360 degree windowed view of facility

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