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Revitalize and transform your distribution center or manufacturing facility with a retrofit or modernization solution.

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What is a Retrofit/Modernization?

Retrofits and modernizations refer to processes that upgrade or enhance existing systems, equipment, infrastructure, or facilities to improve profitability, productivity, safety, and quality with current standards and best practices. These processes are commonly executed in various industries, including manufacturing, transportation, distribution, etc.


Our Expertise

Adaptec’s skilled field service technicians, combined with our advanced software capabilities, can upgrade your existing industrial equipment, material handling automation systems, or execution software to improve overall performance, efficiency, and safety. Rather than completely replacing equipment, retrofits focus on enhancing and adapting existing infrastructure to meet changing operational needs and technological advancements.

Adaptec’s Intelligent Automation System (IAS) exceeds the scope of material handling, developing custom software solutions based on your requirements.

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Retrofits can encompass various changes from simple electro-mechanical hardware upgrades to controls (IC, PLC, VFD, servo) upgrades. Retrofitting involves improving or modifying existing systems, structures, or equipment to enhance performance, capability, or functionality. Retrofits are often executed to extend the useful life of equipment and update outdated technology, complying with new regulations or safety standards.


While a retrofit focuses more on making specific upgrades or modifications to particular components of an existing facility, modernization projects are larger and more complex as they encompass optimizing most, if not all, functional areas from receiving to shipping. Modernizations offer a more comprehensive process, incorporating engineered hardware/controls upgrades with software upgrades (WCS, WES, WMS) for the complete integration of existing and new technologies to a host software system (ERP, MRP).

Modernizations aim to transform the operation by integrating new technologies, optimizing processes, enhancing efficiency, and improving competitive differentiation for the client’s target customer base.  A modernization approach involves more extensive, data analysis-driven changes than a retrofit, from adopting new production or distribution methods and automation technologies to overhauling entire production or distribution lines.

System Components

Before initiating a retrofit/modernization project, a comprehensive evaluation of the existing equipment or facility will be conducted. This involves a baseline assessment of the current performance, identifying areas for improvement, conducting data analysis and simulations, and determining the project’s feasibility.

Benefits of Retrofits & Modernizations

Retrofitting or modernizing your current system/processes can provide numerous benefits, including extending the lifespan of your equipment, improving production efficiency, improving quality, reducing operational costs, enhancing safety, and the chance to incorporate new technologies without the significant capital expenditure and business disruption of completely replacing equipment.

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