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Interested in reducing labor costs and improving product consistency? Adaptec can help you optimize your packaging processes with the industry’s leading engineers and cutting-edge packaging automation technologies.

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 Packaging Automation

Packaging automation uses various automated technologies and systems to streamline and optimize the packaging process in manufacturing and distribution facilities. Adaptec provides equipment and solutions for primary and secondary packaging (case packing) and palletizing, along with all ancillary equipment required in between. Ancillary equipment includes carton erectors, sealers, labelers, banders, stretch wrappers, scanners, dimensioning equipment, scales, and more.

Combined with Adaptec’s Intelligent Automation Software (IAS), our packaging solutions provide centralized control and orchestration of equipment, resulting in increased throughput, utilization, reliability, and visibility over operational processes.

Why Consider Automating Your Packaging Process?

The primary goals of automating a packaging process are to increase efficiency, reduce labor costs, improve product consistency, and enhance overall packaging quality. Packaging automation is widely adopted in industries that deal with high-volume production and packaging, such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, and e-commerce.

Key benefits include increased speed, consistency and accuracy, labor savings, and improved safety.

Key Components

Packaging Solutions

Adaptec’s dedicated engineers are experienced in various packaging solutions, including a complete end-of-line system.

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