Case Picking

Have a high volume of order fulfillment and need an efficient and accurate picking and packing solution? Inquire about a manual or automated case picking solution for your order picking process.

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What is Case Picking?

Case picking is a process that involves the use of automation to pick individual items from bulk storage and pack them into cases or containers. This application is commonly used in industries such as e-commerce, retail, and logistics, where there is a high volume of order fulfillment and need for efficient and accurate picking and packing operations.

Order Fulfillment with Manual or Automated Case Picking

Manual or automated case picking solutions are geared toward high SKU traffic, high throughput, and significant expansion. Designed to select and retrieve cases or containers of products from storage locations for order fulfillment or distribution, case picking systems can streamline the picking process, improve efficiency, and reduce labor costs.

Adaptec’s experienced team of engineers and technicians combined with our broad product offering and custom integration skills, allow us to offer you a tailored solution for your high-volume order fulfillment needs.


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