With custom software capabilities and extensive experience in robotic automation, we can engineer a fulfillment solution to fit your needs.

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Establishing efficiency from order placement to your customer’s front door.

Order fulfillment solutions encompass a range of technologies and strategies aimed at optimizing the entire process of fulfilling customer orders within a warehouse or distribution center. Our solutions focus on streamlining and automating various stages of order processing, from order receiving to shipping of products.



Adaptec’s Intelligent Automation System (IAS) consists of custom software solutions that exceed the scope of material handling. Every project executed by the Adaptec includes with different equipment, vendors, controls, host systems, industry standards, and technologies based on your requirements.

Adaptec’s Intelligent Automation System (IAS)

Picking & Packing Automation

Case picking and packing includes the use of automation to pick individual items from bulk storage and pack them into cases or containers. Manual or automated case picking/packing solutions are geared toward high SKU traffic, high throughput, and significant expansion. Designed to select and retrieve cases or containers of products from storage locations for order fulfillment or distribution, case picking systems can streamline the picking process, improve efficiency, and reduce labor costs.


Fulfillment storage solutions include a range of traditional material handling products and advanced technology – all designed to optimize the storage, handling, and retrieval of products and materials in a warehouse setting. 

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