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Robots as a Service (RaaS)

RaaS is a subscription-based financial model for the purchase and use of an industrial robot system based on measurable KPIs.

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What is RaaS?

As a service, RaaS revolutionizes access to cutting-edge technology, eliminating the upfront costs with purchasing and maintaining industrial robots. This model makes it affordable and accessible to a wide range of individuals, businesses, and industries.

Why consider RaaS?

Fifty-two percent of manufacturers cannot find employees to fill critical jobs, while only five people replace every ten that retire in manufacturing. RaaS re-envisions robots not just as physical machines, but as versatile and adaptable solutions offered as a service. With dynamic and customizable solutions and tools, RaaS represents a new era of service-oriented automation with unparalleled efficiency, productivity, and convenience. Users are able to harness the full potential of robots without the burdens of ownership or maintenance.

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RaaS Vs. CapEx

Determining the Right Financial Model

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