FANUC Robot Training Services

In today’s competitive environment, productivity and efficiency are key factors in cost-reduction programs at successful manufacturing facilities. Your manufacturing efficiencies are dependent upon the proficiency of your work cell operators. The cost to train your operators is a small percentage of what you have invested in your equipment. Have your operators been sufficiently trained? Are you getting top dollar out of your operators and FANUC robotic cells?

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Benefits of FANUC Training

For every dollar you spend training your employees, you’ll realize a return on your investment through increased efficiencies and reduced down times. Adaptec realizes that training is essential to successfully deploying and utilizing a flexible factory automation system. From research and development to troubleshooting error codes, Adaptec will educate your technical staff to a level of expertise where they can both understand and operate the complete automated system.

Hands-On Training

At our training facility, we offer a hands-on approach to teaching your operators how to operate the equipment properly and for your technical staff how to maintain it.

Several robot-specific training classes are available, as well as customized training to meet your needs. Contact our training coordinator at (607) 936-1341 to discuss a program suited to your training needs and budget.

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