/ Design Engineering and Fabrication

Design Engineering and Fabrication

At Adaptec, we know that any disruption to your operation costs you time and money. Careful planning in advance insures that we provide the right product to meet your needs. Our team can assist you in all types of automation and conventional materials handling.


Whether you require an Adaptec Installation team or have the ability to do the setup yourself, you can count on Adaptec to assist with any questions you might have. Adaptec design engineers rely on sophisticated CAD systems, along with an average of 20 years experience to provide you with accurate detailed drawings and project plans.

Whether you are looking to get more productivity from your existing facility or establishing a layout and work flow for a new building, we can deliver unique perspective and the best approach to meet your needs.

  • Design / Build
  • Warehouse Lay-Out
  • In-House CAD Capabilities
  • Engineering
  • Cost Justification