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Adaptec Solutions is a FANUC America Authorized Systems Integrator. With more than 100 models, FANUC has the widest range of industrial robots in the World. Robot payloads range from 0.5 Kg to 2300 Kg and applications are only limited to your imagination. These are only some of the robots offered by FANUC America. We offer a full line of robotic automation solutions.


Collaborative Robots


Collaborative robots operate in close proximity to humans in a shared workspace without safety fences.

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Custom Robotic Solutions


At Adaptec we have the ability to customize and apply FANUC robots within many industries and applications.

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Palletizing Robots


Our expertise in robotics, conveyors and automation have made robotic palletizing a core part of our automation business.

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Food Grade Robots


FANUC America has a full range of food grade robots for a complete sanitary automation solution.

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Material Handling Robots


FANUC industrial robots can be retrofitted to almost any application within the manufacturing process.

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Paint and Coating Robots


FANUC America has a full range of painting and dispensing robots for a complete paint automation solution.

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Rail Mounted Robots


Flexible mounting solutions make it easy to customize where the robot is mounted in relation to the machine tool.

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SCARA Robots


These robots are utilized for high-speed, precision applications such as assembly, pick and place, testing/inspection, and packaging processes.

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Vision Technology

Utilizing FANUC’s iRVision capabilities, Cognex vision, and Keyence Vision, we are able to provide integrated vision solutions for various industries.

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