Vision Technology

Utilizing FANUC’s iRVision capabilities, Cognex vision, and Keyence Vision, we are able to provide integrated vision solutions for various industries. From 3D bin picking to inspection, our industrial-grade vision products range from 2D to 3D, enabling products to be made at higher speeds with less error.

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FANUC iRVision

FANUC’s fully-integrated plug & play robot vision products are made for machine guidance and inspection for both 2D and 3D vision.

Yellow robot picking billets from bin

2D Vision

FANUC’s 2D iRVision finds parts and their precise position and orientation. Production flexibility increases because expensive positioning fixtures are not required. This kind of vision is suited for any material handling application including palletizing and depalletizing as well as vision inspection.

3D Vision

FANUC’s 3D iRVision by 3DL Sensor Head uses a hybrid sensor head for the 3D vision function. Laser light projection are used for reliable detections. The projection of structured light makes the system robust against various surface conditions. Using this hybrid technology, FANUC’s 3DL Sensor can detect the position and posture of a part in 3D.

Cognex Vision

Cognex advanced machine vision and industrial barcode reader systems deliver instant improvements to any manufacturing process, enabling products to be made at higher speed without defects and at lower cost.

Keyence Vision

Keyence Vision systems include an interchangeable camera system that supports line scan camera. A highly flexible image processing system, it can be used quickly with simple camera setup and connection. LumiTrax eliminates lighting headaches and has easy setup for vision-guided robotics. Additionally, inline 3D makes new inspection possible for any workpiece.

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