Painting and Coating Robots

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FANUC America has a full range of painting and dispensing robots for a complete paint automation solution.

Advantages of Industrial Painting Robots include:

  • Improved Safety from Hazardous Painting Work Environments
  • Reduced Waste Material from More Consistant Paint Application
  • Greater Speed and Productivity
  • Increased System Uptime


FANUC Robotics intelligent paint robots offer manufacturers and suppliers a competitive and affordable advantage in painting and coating applications, including painting in a chain-on-edge environment


FANUC Robotics’ P-250iB is the most flexible and advanced six-axis paint robot available on the market. The P-250iB is adaptable in its mounting configuration to accommodate the most demanding of painting applications.


FANUC Robotics’ Paint Mate robot is a compact, electro servo-driven paint robot with best-in-class performance designed for operation in a hazardous environment. Based on the highly acclaimed LR Mate series, this robot’s envelopes, speed, and dexterity are a perfect fit for coatings and hazardous duty applications. The Paint Mate can be used for small parts painting or a material saving alternative to multiple fixed guns.

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