/ Model SE Press Takeout

Model SE Press Takeout

The Model SE Press Takeout is a single axis, servo-powered linear robot used for removing “green” powder metal parts from a mold press.


The Model SE Press Takeout uses a servo-powered belt-driven main axis to precisely position a gripper head in and out of the mold press. The gripper head is used grip the part, lift it off the die platen and remove it from the press. Once out of the press, the part may be flipped over prior to placing it on the included catch pan.

The catch pan provides a simple transfer between the press takeout and either a take-away conveyor or a rotary accumulation table.

The standard 900mm stroke Model SE Press Takeout is capable of up to 22 SPM based on a straight pick and place motion and a 20.5” reach in distance. A convenient storage and removal cart with plc control panel and part catch pan is included.

  • Automated press unloading
  • Consistent/gentle part removal
  • Higher part quality
  • Easy interface to belt conveyor or rotary tables
  • Soft grip technology provides delicate handling of thin wall parts
  • Fill in the blank programming software for easy setup
Model SE Press Takeout mounted to a test bench. Note the roll over guarding provides easy access to the press takeout. The storage/removal cart is shown in the back ground.
Model SE Press Takeout storage/removal cart (available electric powered unit shown). This cart not only carries the PLC control panel, but it also functions as a lift device enabling one person to easily dock and undock the press takeout from the press. Electric operation provides for smooth lifting and lowering action for the removal and installation of the press takeout. 120VAC power is required. The storage/removal cart also provides a convenient place to store the press takeout when not in use. The standard air preparation kit is also mounted to the cart.
  • Programmable main servo axis
  • Intuitive 6 in color touch screen teach pendant
  • Multi-Position dock for easy/repeatable press installation
  • Part catch pan with integral dust collection hopper
  • On board air valves
  • Automatic homing routine
  • 5 lb part handling capacity
  • Up to 6 in part diameter
  • 25 mm Z lift
  • Roll over guarding with interlock
  • Storage/Removal cart with PLC panel and air prep
  • 240/1/60 VAC power
  • Part takeaway conveyor
  • Rotary Tables 36 in /48 in / 60 in
  • Special gripper tooling for unique/difficult to handle parts
  • Electric powered storage/removal cart versus manual hydraulic
Model SE Press Takeout gripper head assembly. A long stroke parallel gripper is provided mounted to a rotary axis enabling the gripping of large parts as well as the ability to flip them over. A heavy duty z lift is also provided including 25 mm of vertical stroke. The z lift enables the part to be lifted off the lower punch after it is gripped, if required. The z lift also provides the ability to come in over top of a part and lower into it, allowing an ID part grip. The rotary and z lift feature shock absorbers and flow controls for smooth motion.