/ Model MA Press Takeout

Model MA Press Takeout

The Model MA Press Takeout is a single axis, air-powered linear robot used for removing “green” powder metal parts from a mold press.


The Model MA Press Takeout uses an air-powered main axis to move a gripper head in and out of the mold press. The gripper head is used grip the part, lift it off the die platen and remove it from the press. Once out of the press, the part may be flipped over prior to placing it on the included catch pan.

The catch pan provides a simple transfer between the press takeout and either a take-away conveyor or a rotary accumulation table.

The standard 635mm stroke Model MA Press Takeout is capable of up to 22 SPM based on a straight pick and place motion and a 13.25” reach in distance.

  • Automated press unloading
  • Consistent/gentle part removal
  • Higher part quality
  • Easy interface to belt conveyor or rotary tables
Model MA Press Takeout mounted to a test bench. The Model MA features light-weight aluminum construction and includes quality components. Note the cable carrier allows for precision routing of all pneumatic and electrical cables to the gripper head.
Model MA Press Takeout parallel gripper, pneumatic rotary and Z lift unit. These components function together providing the ability for multiple motion profiles such as: pick/retract/place, pick/lift/retract/lower/place and pick/lift/retract/flip 180/lower/place.
  • Simple Air powered Design
  • 635 mm or 800 mm stroke available
  • 1.5 lb part handling capacity
  • Up to 3 in part diameter
  • 50 mm Z lift
  • Dove tail adjustment plates for easy gripper head setup
  • 24VDC Valve/Air Prep panel with connection cables
  • Pneumatic Part Catch pan