/ Model GL Gantry Furnace Loader

Model GL Gantry Furnace Loader

The Model GL Gantry Furnace Loader is a flexible gantry robot designed for new or existing sinter furnaces. It provides an affordable solution for loading parts and sinter plates onto a sinter furnace belt.


“Green” powder metal parts and sinter plates (optional) are conveyed into the gantry loader. The gantry picks a part and places it directly onto the sinter belt or places it onto a sinter plate and then places the assembly (plate and part) onto the sinter belt. The Model GL also has the ability to stack parts prior to placement on the sinter belt.

  • Easy access to front of furnace through swing up door
  • Small foot print saves valuable floor space
  • Easy relocation from furnace to furnace
  • HMI screens provide easy part setup
Top left hand isometric view of the Model GL Gantry Furnace Loader. This unit has a dual infeed for two different part types handled. Notice the teach pendant hanging on the side of the control panel. This convenient location provides easy access for touching up pick and place points as well as manual functions.
Front view of the Model GL Gantry Furnace Loader with the access door open. In this application two different part infeed conveyors were used. The infeed on the left used a belt conveyor with a stripper plate to separate the parts for pick and the infeed conveyor on the right used an escapement to meter one part at a time to the pick nest.
  • 6” color Teach Pendant for program selection and machine operation
  • Servo X and Z Axis
  • Covers standard 36” sinter furnace belt
  • Hinged front safety door with interlock
  • 240 Volt Single Phase Power