/ Model FL3600 Furnace Loader

Model FL3600 Furnace Loader

The Model FL3600 Furnace Loader provides an automated method for loading pre-assembled parts onto a sinter furnace belt.


Parts placed onto sinter plates are introduced to the FL3600 infeed conveyor. The infeed conveyor indexes one position for every part/plate assembly introduced.

This process repeats until a full row of parts and plates is created. Next, an electric pusher positively transfers the entire row onto the sinter belt. The FL3600 repeats this process, loading row after row of assembled parts/plates onto the sinter belt.

  • Small footprint, minimizes use of valuable floor space
  • Portable for easy removal and relocation
  • Two sided pusher plate, provides quick changeover
  • Rate of 12 plates per minute or greater possible
Top right side view of the Model FL3600 Furnace Loader. Note: This unit is shown with an optional assembled parts conveyor and a simulated furnace conveyor. A staggered row pattern is shown on the simulated furnace belt.
Front right side view of the Model FL3600 Furnace Loader. Note: The included control panel shown.
  • Structural tube construction with powder coat finish
  • Mounted on casters with adjustable height and docking
  • 36” wide pusher face with electric drive
  • Stainless steel floating transfer plate for furnace belt interface
  • 120 Volt single phase power
  • Rectangular plate handling
  • Direct load (less sinter plates) based on part geometry
  • 240 Volt/1 phase/60 cycle
Top view of the Model FL3600 Furnace Loader. Note: The pusher face is shown behind the infeed belt conveyor and ready to push a row of part/plate assemblies once they are in position.