/ Model 366 Magnetic Furnace Unloader

Model 366 Magnetic Furnace Unloader

The Model 366 Magnetic Furnace Unloader provides an automatic method for unloading metal (ferrous) parts from any furnace belt or other moving conveyor. Contact us today to speak to an engineer about your application.


When a row of parts is detected, the unloader lowers to the pick position, where the parts are then magnetically attracted to the unloader belt conveyor. Once the parts are on the belt, the mag unloader raises and then the belt conveyor turns on conveying the parts onto an integrated transfer conveyor. Note: Parts must be presented to the unloader in a straight line. The line of parts may be at a right angle to the belt or at an angle.

  • Easy access to back of furnace through swing up door
  • Small foot print saves valuable floor space
  • Easy relocation from furnace to furnace
  • Simple design provides reliable service and long-life
Model 366 Magnetic Furnace Unloader positioned at the discharge of a sinter furnace. Note: The front door may be raised up for manual unloading of difficult to pick or non-ferrous parts. Also, note the narrow width of the Model 366 Magnetic Unloader allows it to be positioned on furnaces with short unload tables.
Model 366 Magnetic Furnace Unloader front view. Note: Optional part and sinter plate handling conveyors are shown. The sinter plates travel down vibratory brushed conveyors where they are returned to the front of the sinter furnace and the parts travel down steel tabletop chain conveyors where they are further processed.
  • Pick height adjustable via hand crank
  • Air operated lift mechanism with “Bell-Crank” stabilization
  • Counter-balanced lift raises unloader in the event of loss or air
  • Part and jam detection photo eyes
  • Take-away conveyor with Demag function
  • Sinter plate handling equipment
Model 366 Magnetic Furnace Unloader transfer conveyor. Note: The transfer conveyor transitions parts from the magnetic belt conveyor to a blue steel gravity conveyor in this application.