/ Model 220 Sizing Press Loader

Model 220 Sizing Press Loader

The Model 220 Sizing Press Loader provides a versatile, flexible robotic solution for loading and unloading parts from a sizing/coining press. The standard model is configured for dial loaded presses. High throughput is achieved by loading an un-sized part, while a sized part is unloading, so no motion is wasted. This system is portable and is docked to the sizing press. A direct load option is also available.


Parts are loaded onto either a bulk vibratory feed table or directly onto an infeed belt conveyor, where they are then conveyed into the Model 220 Sizing Press Loader. Next, parts are singulated one at a time into the robot pick area. Using FANUC iRVision, the robot takes a picture of the part and determines its orientation on the infeed conveyor (a rotary table is sometimes used in addition to an infeed conveyor, when more rotation of the part is required for proper press loading).

Next, the robot rotates/crabs around the part placing the robot tooling in the right orientation prior to gripping the part. The robot now grips the new part and performs an unload/ load of the sizing press. The robot is normally supplied with a dual gripper setup whereby Gripper 1 grips the new part to be loaded and Gripper 2 grips the part to be unloaded. The unloaded part is then placed onto a take-away conveyor exiting the cell.

  • Unattended operation of sizing press
  • Consistent part load/unload
  • Increased part quality
  • Easy relocation – may be moved from press to press
  • Compact size provides reduced floor space
Model 220 Sizing Press Loader with its interlocked access door open. Notice the triangular shape of the base frame, minimizing the footprint on the factory floor. This particular unit is supplied with a direct infeed conveyor.
Typical dual end of arm tool for the Model 220 Sizing Press Loader. Note the angled gripper mounting design, which provides needed tooling clearance during the sizing press robotic load/unload operation.
  • Welded structural steel frame
  • Casters for portability
  • Heavy duty toggle lock clamps for repeatable press docking
  • Extruded aluminum guarding with interlocking operator access door
  • Vibratory parts storage and feeding table
  • Compact belt conveyor with escapement and end nest
  • FANUC iRVision system for determining part orientation
  • Dual gripper end of arm tooling
  • Integrated Workstocker or direct feed for incoming parts
  • Direct load (non-dial machine)
  • Sized part takeaway conveyor
Model 220 Sizing Press Loader with vibratory infeed table for bulk loading of parts to be sized and a discharge conveyor used to transport sized parts to the next operation.