/ Model 100A Furnace Loader

Model 100A Furnace Loader

Parts are molded and passes onto the furnace infeed conveyor (selected to match part geometry and cell layout). The robot picks parts with a magnetic gripper and place them onto the furnace belt. The cell will automatically divert product to a customer-supplied accumulator table in case the robot or furnace is not in use.


Parts are molded and then conveyed into the Model 100A Furnace Loader. Parts are then singulated (escaped or indexed) and stopped at the robot pick zone. If part orientation is required, FANUC iRVision is used to take a picture of the stopped part and send the orientation information to the robot. Next, the robot moves to the part, grips it (usually with a magnetic gripper) and places it directly onto the sinter belt.

If sinter plates are used, the robot places the part onto a sinter plate at an intermediate station and then grips both the plate and part setting the assembled stack onto the sinter belt. If a large sinter plate is used (for placement of multiple parts), it may be placed directly onto the sinter belt prior to placing the individual parts. FANUC line tracking is used to track movement of a larger sinter plate as parts are placed onto it.

  • Mounts over the furnace belt
  • Integrated safety enclosure with vertically sliding doors
  • Magnetic, mechanical, or vacuum end of are tooling
  • Standard compliance device
  • Programing for any part and belt spacing
Front view of the Model 100A Furnace Loader. Note: The front access door on the Model 100A provides easy access to the sinter furnace belt for manual loading operations.