Powder Metal Automation


Adaptec offers automation products for the powder metal industry including: mold Press Unload, sinter Furnace Load/Unload, coining Press Load/Unload and sinter Tray Loading. Contact us today to speak to an engineer about your application.

Model MA Press Takeout parallel gripper, pneumatic rotary and Z lift unit. These components function together providing the ability for multiple motion profiles such as: pick/retract/place, pick/lift/retract/lower/place and pick/lift/retract/flip 180/lower/place.
Model SE Press Takeout mounted to a test bench. Note the roll over guarding provides easy access to the press takeout. The storage/removal cart is shown in the back ground.
Model 220 Sizing Press Loader with its interlocked access door open. Notice the triangular shape of the base frame, minimizing the footprint on the factory floor. This particular unit is supplied with a direct infeed conveyor.
Top front isometric view of the TL200 Tray Loader and its compact footprint. The tray conveyors are extended to enable easy operator access. Notice the sample disc shown in the access door lower window frame. The sample disc provides an easy way to receive sample parts from the mold press. A sample request is initiated at the graphical user interface. The FANUC 6-axis robot will place the very next part onto the sample disc. The operator simply rotates the disc 180 degrees to retrieve the sample part.
Back end of the Model GL Gantry Furnace Loader. Flow through nests can be used on the infeed conveyors to allow a bypass feature if parts are not to be loaded onto the sinter furnace belt.
Model 366 Magnetic Furnace Unloader front view. Note: Side access door and flip up front door provide access to important components and adjustments.
Front right side view of the Model FL3600 Furnace Loader. Note: The included control panel shown.
Right front view of the Model 100A Furnace Loader. Note: The Model 100A’s compact frame mounts directly on top of the sinter furnace load table (shown on a wooden mock-up here) freeing up valuable floor space.