June 11, 2021

Wholesale Home Decor Company Integrates Conveyor Packing System

Customer Problem

The customer was manually packing, labeling, sorting, and shipping more than 6,000 SKUs of different weights and sizes. They wanted to grow their market by providing customers with the correct products at a reasonable time.

In order to achieve this, an automated system was needed to take the packed box, identify it, confirm the order was correct, and sort each parcel to the appropriate shipping dock to be loaded onto trucks. The current process only allowed for 100 parcels to be picked, packed, and shipped each hour.

Adaptec Conveyor Packing Solution

Adaptec provided an automated conveyor system that enables picked orders to be staged on an accumulation conveyor. Packers do not have to move from their pack stations, as the orders come to them via the conveyor. Packers scan and pack products, placing LPN labels on the boxes before sending them down the main takeaway line. Labeled boxes are received downstream by shippers, who weigh and place shipping labels on each box.

The boxes pass through scanning tunnels that identify which shipping lanes the boxes are diverted to. Custom-built diverter gates with powered horizontal belts allow all sizes of parcels to be diverted to the appropriate dock door. The entire conveying system results in 450 picked, packed, and shipped parcels within one hour.

Products used

  • Hytrol ABEZ Accumulation Conveyor
  • Hytrol Belt and Roller Conveyor
  • SICK OPS (Omni Portal System) Directional Scanning System
  • Custom divert/sort arms
  • Avery Weigh-Tronix Inline Scales
  • Allen-Bradley PLC Control System

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