March 9, 2020

Presrite Corporation Increases Throughput by 70%+ with Integrated FANUC Forging Robot

Customer Problem

Presrite Corporation was looking to increase throughput and fill a workforce gap by automating their process with a forging robot.

The existing process used a conveyor to deliver 40-120-pound billets at 2223 degrees to the pick location adjacent to the first station of the forge press.

The operator used a long set of tongs to lift the part and place the billet onto the first station. After his first hit by the press, the operator uses the tongs again to quickly move the billet to the second station. The part was pressed a second time before moving to the last station where it was shaped to the final forging.

Adaptec Forging Robot Solution

Working closely with the customer, we integrated a FANUC robot with other system components. Presrite has documented increased throughput by 70-100% (depending on the part processed), consistency of parts, and die life.

FANUC offers the widest range of industrial robots in the world. We used a FANUC R2000iC/165F FoundryPro robot in this application for its well known success in the forging industry. This FANUC robot series is easy to operate and offers complete flexibility and motion control to any manufacturing challenge, especially a forging process.

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