April 22, 2020

Leading Medical Equipment Manufacturer Improves Part Quality with Robotic Machine Tending

Customer Problem

The customer produces a very small, tough-to-machine component used in a surgical instrument. The part was manufactured on a lathe and then sent to the Inspection Department to verify dimensions were within tolerance. The current process led to delays in throughput and the creation of scrap if the operator did not inspect the part frequently. They were seeking a machine tending solution.

Adaptec Machine Tending Solution

We created a new robotic machine tending process complete with post process part washing, drying, gaging, automatic tool offset, and racking of the parts.

The FANUC robot is able to run unattended throughout the weekend at a stable rate with 100% inspection of over 15 critical dimensions. The lathe is fed tool offset data to keep the parts within specification (+/- .0002”).

Products used

  • FANUC LR Mate 200iD/4S robot
  • Keyence TM two-dimensional laser gage
  • Adaptec designed part cassettes
  • Caron Engineering Auto Comp software
  • Adaptec designed bench top part washer/dryer
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