September 15, 2020

Medical Device Manufacturer Improves Part Machining Process with FANUC M10iD Robot

Customer Problem

The customer machines titanium shafts for use in a surgical tool. The current method requires large machines to generate the finished part, with one feature of the part being extremely time consuming. They were interested in a compact automated cell using robotic machine tending.

Adaptec FANUC Automated Cell Solution

Adaptec created a compact machining cell serviced by a robot that tends multiple mills. Raw parts are loaded into a MiniDrawer system by an operator and oriented so that fixture pins engage the parts. An HMI button is pressed to confirm part loading is complete and starts the system. The robot opens the top drawer and picks a raw part, moving to the steam nozzle to clean the threads.

Next, the robot places the part into a New Vista thread check station, where the part is inspected for proper threading. Once the thread check is complete, the robot receives a pass or fail signal. Failed parts go to a dedicated reject chute. The robot will pick up good parts and load them into the next available mill.

After the part is machined, the robot picks the completed part out of the machine. Improperly machined parts go to a dedicated reject chute at the mill. Good parts are placed into a length check station. Next, the robot loads another part into the mill.

After the length check inspection is complete, the robot places failed parts into a dedicated reject chute and good parts into the drawer. The sequence is repeated.

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