February 11, 2020

Global Retailer Improves Truck-Loading Process with Telescopic Conveyors

Customer Problem

A major global retailer needed to improve their truck-loading process with an emphasis on speed and operator ergonomics. The high level goal from the distribution center teams was to improve the supply chain process. They were in need of more efficient and safe product handling, which is offered with telescopic conveyors.

They were concerned about disrupting their current distribution center deliveries, which required a very tight project deadline. The equipment needed to be installed over the course of a weekend with startup and training beginning on Monday morning. Complete solution installation and training were completed ahead of schedule.

Adaptec Telescopic Conveyor Solution

Installation of transportation conveyors and zero-downtime telescoping conveyors. These type of conveyor have extended lengths which increase the throughput, operator safety and ergonomics. The SRS Telescopic Conveyors move product from point to point on belt conveyors to complete the truck loading process.

Products used

  • SRS Santa Rosa Systems Telescopic Conveyors

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