March 4, 2024

Food Ingredient Logistics Company Improves Ergonomics and Safety with Fall Arrest System

Project Demographics

Location New York 

Vertical Material Handling 

Application Custom Fall Arrest System (FAS)

Industry Food Ingredients Distribution

Customer Problem

Adaptec’s customer, a food ingredient procurement and processing company, faced a critical safety concern in their operations. Their tanker trucks, instrumental in the transportation of food products, relied on an outdoor filling station. Workers were required to ascend the trucks from a raised platform, exposing them to significant fall risks due to the absence of any fall protection measures. The customer needed a Fall Arrest System (FAS) to ensure safety without occupying additional floor space. They aimed for a solution that could integrate directly with their existing outdoor fill station. 

Fall Arrest Solution

Engineering Assessment and Design Foundation

Adaptec enlisted the expertise of a Professional Engineer (PE) to measure the existing system and create precise engineering drawings and load analyses. These drawings served as the foundation for our custom-designed fall arrest system, seamlessly integrating with the pre-existing platform. 

Structural Framework Integration

The system was designed with several steel I-beams which were welded to each end of the existing platform, providing a robust structural foundation. A horizontal cantilevered beam with an eyelet is welded to the top, enabling workers to easily attach a Self-Retracting Lifeline (SRL) to their safety harness. 

Fabrication and Delivery

The finalized design was sent to a trusted local fabricator who manufactured all custom components, which were shipped directly to the customer site and painted in safety yellow for heightened visibility.

Quantifiable Impact

Adaptec’s custom-designed fall arrest system eliminates the potential for worker falls, effectively transforming a once hazardous zone into a secure and productive workspace. What distinguishes this system is its simplicity, consisting of only three main steel members, making it notably more straightforward than most “off-the-shelf” fall arrest systems. The simplicity streamlines design directly attaching to the existing platform, optimizing floor space usage, implying lower costs, and ensuring that specific requirements are met without compromise. With minimal moving parts, workers can easily navigate and utilize the system, enhancing overall workplace safety through its user-friendly design.

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