March 21, 2022

Leading Concrete Manufacturer Increases Palletizing Line Capacity with Additional FANUC Robotic Palletizer

Customer Problem

The customer wanted to increase production of the existing robotic bag palletizing system from 23 bags-per-minute (BPM) to 35-40 BPM. The additional robotic bag palletizing line will help achieve the highest possible throughput for the existing bagging and palletizing line. Conveyor modifications were also necessary to accommodate a new location for the checkweigher and feed the two robotic lines. The integration of a secondary robotic palletizer, versus removing a robotic palletizer to replace with a conventional palletizer, ensures maximum possible uptime due to robotic redundancy. This system allows for maintenance or service to be performed, while always continuing production even in the case of a breakdown or failure.

Adaptec Robotic Palletizer Solution

Adaptec designed, built, and installed a second FANUC robotic palletizer into the existing palletizing line. Bags are filled by an existing manual bag filler and travel up the existing bag flattener. Product is received from the wide belt conveyor and is diverted as needed to the proposed parallel conveyor line, through two curved belt conveyors, and down a decline conveyor onto two pacing conveyors. The bags end at the pick conveyor where the robot picks one bag at a time for palletizing. The accumulation conveyor and pacing conveyors allow for 11-13 bags of accumulation for pallet change over time as part of the overall system design.

The multipurpose end-of-arm tool lifts pallets off the chain conveyor extension from the pallet dispenser before picking bags from the pick conveyor to build the pallet. Finished pallets transport out of the pallet build conveyor and index into a 3-strand transfer conveyor where it will enter the existing pallet conveyor line prior to the Wulftec stretch wrapper.

The additional robot cell increases production and ensures the line produces a minimum of 23 BPM should either robot be down for maintenance. The second robotic bag palletizing cell is designed to produce 960 bags-per-hour or 16 to 20 BPM.

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