September 13, 2019

Leading Candy Manufacturer Increases Production with Hytrol Conveyor Integration

Customer Problem

Customer was increasing production and looking to install an automated conveying system to feed up to 74 cases per minute to multiple robotic palletizing cells from ten different production lines with multiple SKU’s. The project required conveyor integration to complete the automated system.

Adaptec Conveyor Integration Solution

Installation of a completely integrated conveying system to transport and sort up to 74 cases per minute to four robotic palletizing cells. The high-speed sortation loop receives multiple SKU’s from 10 different production lines. Cases are fed from the production lines onto a belt transportation conveyor before entering 24-volt zero pressure accumulation conveyors.

After several merges, cases enter a shoe sorter that feeds up to four palletizing cells via eight infeed lanes. Automating all packaging and palletizing, the system significantly reduced labor costs and increased production by 40%.

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