March 19, 2021

Automotive Parts Company Optimizes Forging Process with FANUC Robots and Intelligent Software

Customer Problem

The customer had a forge cell that had two robots originally installed to move parts and perform die spray. Wanting to increase production, Adaptec analyzed the customer’s operation and used FANUC RoboGuide to simulate a new design that added a third robot to perform the die spraying. This gave robot 1 and robot 2 time to pick and place a new billet, transfer between stations, and unload the completed forging to place on a cooling conveyor.

Adaptec Robotic Forging Automation Solution

Adaptec supplied a PLC as the traffic manager, using ethernet IP communication to connect the robots and forge. FANUC intelligent interference check software was implemented to prevent the robots from getting into a deadlock situation.

Additionally, the robots were equipped with a Move Safe program, allowing them to move from any position along their normal paths to the home/safe position.

Adaptec utilized a custom robot riser to “wall mount” the die spray robot and keep it above the air blowoffs. The advantage of using automation to apply die spray is the consistency.

The die spray robot was programmed to work sequentially from station one to station three, applying the proper amount of lube.

Products used

  • FANUC M20iB/25 Robot
  • Intelligent Interference Check Software 
  • Dual Check Safety Software 
  • Ethernet IP Communication Software 
  • Adaptec Solutions Hot Billet Transfer Conveyor 
  • Adaptec Solutions Forge Control Panel with HMI

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