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FANUC P-40iA paint robot with iRVision technologies for coating

Waterworks Product Manufacturer Improves Coating Process with FANUC Robots and iRVision Technology

Customer Problem The customer had a coating process that was limiting throughput, they were seeking automation and iRVision technologies to increase production. The current process utilized a coating technician, manual powder coat booth, and a continuously moving overhead monorail. The product consisted of a variety of iron castings (100+) to be coated. This is a […]

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FANUC M-20iA robot with FANUC iRVision and line tracking

Global Powder Metal Manufacturer Improves Part Unloading Process with FANUC Robotic Cell and iRVision

Customer Problem The customer produces a variety of parts in small batches. The current process requires an operator to manually unload hot parts and hot tiles from a sinter furnace. The parts are then stacked in patterns on a pallet and the tiles are stacked separately on a cart. Three different sizes of sinter tiles […]

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FANUC M-710iC/50 robot with dual end of arm tool using iRVision software tools

Liberty Pumps Increases Production by 35% with Fanuc Robot Machine Tending

Customer Problem Liberty Pumps manufactures various pumps at their facility. A cast iron pump was loaded manually into an OKUMA MA-600H horizontal machining center. They wanted to replace the manual loading operation with automated loading. The objectives were to improve ergonomics, safety, and increase production with a machine tending robot application. Adaptec Machine Tending Solution […]

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