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Automated Cell using a FANUC M10iD/12 floor mount robot for part machining along with the Adaptec Model MD MiniDrawer part presentation cabinet with fixtures, Adaptec Auto Doors on mills, Keyence GT gauge and a New Vista servo-controlled thread checker.

Medical Device Manufacturer Improves Part Machining Process with FANUC M10iD Robot

Customer Problem The customer machines titanium shafts for use in a surgical tool. The current method requires large machines to generate the finished part, with one feature of the part being extremely time consuming. They were interested in a compact automated cell using robotic machine tending. Adaptec FANUC Automated Cell Solution Adaptec created a compact […]

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FANUC P-40iA paint robot with iRVision technologies for coating

Waterworks Product Manufacturer Improves Coating Process with FANUC Robots and iRVision Technology

Customer Problem The customer had a coating process that was limiting throughput, they were seeking automation and iRVision technologies to increase production. The current process utilized a coating technician, manual powder coat booth, and a continuously moving overhead monorail. The product consisted of a variety of iron castings (100+) to be coated. This is a […]

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FANUC M-20iA robot with FANUC iRVision and line tracking

Global Powder Metal Manufacturer Improves Part Unloading Process with FANUC Robotic Cell and iRVision

Customer Problem The customer produces a variety of parts in small batches. The current process requires an operator to manually unload hot parts and hot tiles from a sinter furnace. The parts are then stacked in patterns on a pallet and the tiles are stacked separately on a cart. Three different sizes of sinter tiles […]

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FANUC LR Mate banner

Leading Medical Equipment Manufacturer Improves Part Quality with Robotic Machine Tending

Customer Problem The customer produces a very small, tough-to-machine component used in a surgical instrument. The part was manufactured on a lathe and then sent to the Inspection Department to verify dimensions were within tolerance. The current process led to delays in throughput and the creation of scrap if the operator did not inspect the […]

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FANUC M-710iC/50 robot with dual end of arm tool using iRVision software tools

Liberty Pumps Increases Production by 35% with Fanuc Robot Machine Tending

Customer Problem Liberty Pumps manufactures various pumps at their facility. A cast iron pump was loaded manually into an OKUMA MA-600H horizontal machining center. They wanted to replace the manual loading operation with automated loading. The objectives were to improve ergonomics, safety, and increase production with a machine tending robot application. Adaptec Machine Tending Solution […]

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