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Robot picking billets out of bin

Metal Forging Company Implements Keyence Vision Bin Picking System

Customer Problem The customer was interested in automating their manual bin picking process with a robotic bin picking solution. Before automating, an operator had to use a magnet suspended overhead by a crane to move the billets. This prevented the operator from heavy lifting but did not eliminate the process of guiding the magnet onto […]

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FANUC M20iB Forging Robot

Automotive Parts Company Optimizes Forging Process with FANUC Robots and Intelligent Software

Customer Problem The customer had a forge cell that had two robots originally installed to move parts and perform die spray. Wanting to increase production, Adaptec analyzed the customer’s operation and used FANUC RoboGuide to simulate a new design that added a third robot to perform the die spraying. This gave robot 1 and robot […]

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FANUC Forging automation cell

Job Shop Automates Forging Process with FANUC FoundryPro Robot

Customer Problem The customer wanted to improve their forging operation. Their shop did not have any automation prior but did have fully-functional mechanical presses. Adaptec started the project by identifying the project goal: to provide the customer with a forge loading package that is flexible and easy to change over. This particular forger was a […]

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FANUC R2000iC/165F FoundryPro robot for Presrite forging application

Presrite Corporation Increases Throughput by 70%+ with Integrated FANUC Forging Robot

Customer Problem Presrite Corporation was looking to increase throughput and fill a workforce gap by automating their process with a forging robot. The existing process used a conveyor to deliver 40-120-pound billets at 2223 degrees to the pick location adjacent to the first station of the forge press. The operator used a long set of […]

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