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Side angle of yellow industrial robot polishing a bass xtender key.

The Importance of Human Brainpower in Hipshot’s Robotic Polishing Application

Hipshot & The Bass Xtender Hipshot, a manufacturer of top-notch quality hardware for guitar and basses, faced ongoing labor and production challenges in their deburring and polishing operation – a task considered to be one of the dull, dirty, dangerous applications of robotics. Seeking increased consistency, quality, and production, Hipshot aimed to integrate a robotic […]

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Robot picking billets out of bin

Metal Forging Company Implements Keyence Vision Bin Picking System

Customer Problem The customer was interested in automating their manual bin picking process with a robotic bin picking solution. Before automating, an operator had to use a magnet suspended overhead by a crane to move the billets. This prevented the operator from heavy lifting but did not eliminate the process of guiding the magnet onto […]

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Close up of dual robot tote assembly

Consumer Packaging Leader Increases Process Ergonomics with Dual FANUC Robotic Assembly System

Customer Problem The customer produces plastic closures on several injection molding machines. Parts from the injection molding machines tumble into 60-pound corrugated totes that operators had to manually assemble multiple times per hour, severely decreasing operator efficiency. The process resulted in excessive floor space consumption in the production area of the totes and the components […]

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FANUC robot mounted between accumulation conveyor and pallet conveyor.

Leading Concrete Manufacturer Increases Palletizing Line Capacity with Additional FANUC Robotic Palletizer

Customer Problem The customer wanted to increase production of the existing robotic bag palletizing system from 23 bags-per-minute (BPM) to 35-40 BPM. The additional robotic bag palletizing line will help achieve the highest possible throughput for the existing bagging and palletizing line. Conveyor modifications were also necessary to accommodate a new location for the checkweigher […]

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Sheet dispenser, CDLR conveyor, controls and palletizing robot

U.S. Salt Replaces Conventional Palletizer with Robotic Palletizing System to Increase Reliability, Throughput and Efficiency

Customer Problem Long-time customer of Adaptec, U.S. Salt, wanted to replace an existing Lambert conventional palletizer with a robotic palletizing system. Palletizing two differently bagged products – one in plastic and the other in paper – the conventional palletizer could not efficiently run the plastic bagged product. Implementing a robotic system offers increased throughput, reliability, […]

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Chicken Production Automation Palletizing and Stretch Wrapping - Case Farms

Case Farms Increases Fresh Chicken Production with Robotic Depalletizing, Palletizing, and Conveying Systems

Customer Problem The customer was manually palletizing cases of fresh chicken and sending them to a 3PL to be frozen for warehouse storage. In order to speed up the freezing process, special “egg crate style” tier sheets were stacked between all layers of all products. The sheets had to be manually removed between layers – […]

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Wholesale Home Decor Company Integrates Conveyor Packing System

Customer Problem The customer was manually packing, labeling, sorting, and shipping more than 6,000 SKUs of different weights and sizes. They wanted to grow their market by providing customers with the correct products at a reasonable time. In order to achieve this, an automated system was needed to take the packed box, identify it, confirm […]

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Vacuum gripper on FANUC robotic palletizer

Tobacco Manufacturer Increases Production Rates with FANUC Robotic Palletizing System

Customer Problem The customer was hand palletizing and stretch wrapping two different product lines: one for moist pouches and another for loose leaf. The cases were conveyed to an operator who hand-picked and placed the cases on a pallet. A tier sheet was then manually placed between layers. A pallet jack completed the pallet to […]

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Automated Cell using a FANUC M10iD/12 floor mount robot for part machining along with the Adaptec Model MD MiniDrawer part presentation cabinet with fixtures, Adaptec Auto Doors on mills, Keyence GT gauge and a New Vista servo-controlled thread checker.

Medical Device Manufacturer Improves Part Machining Process with FANUC M10iD Robot

Customer Problem The customer machines titanium shafts for use in a surgical tool. The current method requires large machines to generate the finished part, with one feature of the part being extremely time consuming. They were interested in a compact automated cell using robotic machine tending. Adaptec FANUC Automated Cell Solution Adaptec created a compact […]

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FANUC M-410iB/140H case palletizing robot with Hytrol 138 ACC Conveyors infeed lines and 2 Alba CDLR conveyor for pallet outfeeds

Premier Beverage Manufacturer Saves Cost by Implementing Palletizing System

Customer Problem The customer acquired additional business resulting in the production of a new juice product line. The customer was interested in automation solutions including robotic palletizing. The current process included labor intensive manual palletizing of the juice product. The completed pallet patterns and loads were not always square at the end of the process. […]

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