/ Mezzanines


Increase your manufacturing and storage space with a quality mezzanine system. Maximize the use of your headroom by adding needed floor space in a cost effective and time efficient manner with an industrial mezzanine.


A mezzanine is a standalone structure constructed within an existing building that is designed to make the most of clear space under and above the mezzanine platform to create supplementary manufacturing, storage, or office space.

An industrial mezzanine is a cost efficient solution to adding floor space to your facilities compared to new construction. This is achieved by adding a second or third floor level inside your warehouse, distribution center, or office. Our mezzanine systems are offered in either standard design or custom engineered to fulfill your requirements. With a pre engineered mezzanine you are getting a mezzanine design that is custom tailored to your facility. The mezzanine design will be engineered by experienced industry professionals.

Mezzanines are not a permanent fixture so they can be disassembled, relocated, and expanded to change and grow with your business. There are many useful available options with our industrial mezzanine systems including railings, stairs, landings, swing gates, sliding gates, decking, etc.

Transform your unused overhead areas into profitable space today with a mezzanine system engineered for maximum strength, stability and function.

  • Utilizes and maximizes existing vertical space in your facility
  • Improves inventory management
  • Flexible custom engineered design to best suit your needs
  • Many gate options available to offer easy access to mezzanine storage
  • Cost effective solution offers great ROI
  • Installation is fast and easy saving you weeks or months compared to new construction
  • 80% less cost for more space
Mezzanine installation above pallet racking with catwalk connecting to mezzanine across the aisle. Palleted packages are stored in the pallet racking as well as on the raised mezzanine floor.
3 Floor Mezzanine with storage units on each level in industrial warehouse
  • Added manufacturing space
  • Second level storage
  • Multi-level offices
  • Conveyor support platforms
  • Equipment support platforms
  • Maintenance catwalk access