/ RoboCart Portable Machine Tender

RoboCart Portable Machine Tender

Our Adaptec Solutions RoboCart Portable Machine Tender provides a low cost portable automation platform for machine tending, part marking or part inspection.


A unique drawer system is utilized for parts storage, whereby a customer supplied fixture is placed in the drawer, providing consistent part locations for robotic unload. Other part presentation methods available include: a stationary fixture, multiple drawers, a powered belt conveyor, gravity chute, rotary table or workstocker. This system incorporates the latest robotic technology, allowing the operator to load the system and walk away, while parts are processed automatically.

RoboCart features an intuitive notch in the frame providing enhanced access to your workpiece and tooling without ever having to remove RoboCart from your machine tool. However, RoboCart can still easily be removed through use of its included casters and docking features. With its compact size, RoboCart is perfect for small lathe duty offering an unobstructed view of both your CNC operator panel as well as the machining process at hand. Access is simple and achieved through use of a sliding door.

  • Easy to use

  • Operator can access drawers not in use by robot and refill with raw parts
  • Uses customer made fixture plates reducing cost

  • Provides good sight line to machine tool while maintaining access to machine controller
  • Portable for quick and easy relocation machine to machine
  • Provides clear access to the machine for tooling changes
RoboCart with a fixture plate part presentation setup and a FANUC LRMate 200iD/7L robot with a dual end of arm tool integrated to a CNC lathe. The fixture plate setup allows the operator to load a quantity of parts on the fixture plate for processing. The robot will unload the parts individually from the fixture plate, process them within the lathe and then reload the fixture plate with the completed part. Once all parts have been processed, the robot will signal the operator for reloading.
Roller conveyor version of RoboCart complete with a FANUC LRMate 200iD/7L robot and a single vacuum end of arm tool. A central belt-driven live roller conveyor is mounted within the work cell and is surrounded by two folding gravity conveyors. This version is perfect for tray/tote handling. Parts can be loaded into trays or totes and conveyed into the robot work envelope for loading/unloading by the robot. Completed trays/totes are then discharged to the exit conveyor. The robot is able to continue working on one tray/tote while new ones are waiting in queue.
  • Simple drawer system for parts loading
  • Compact size

  • Easy access door
  • Modular construction
  • Left or right hand versions available

Multiple part presentation options are available as shown in the pictures.

RoboCart performing a calibration routine after being removed and re-installed on a machine tool. The FANUC LRMate 200iD/7L robot is using FANUC iRCalibration software to touch on 3 different planes located on the machine tool to accurately master the user frame and tool center point for the cell without having to manually touch up points.