/ Model RMT Robotic Machine Tender

Model RMT Robotic Machine Tender

The Adaptec Model RMT Robotic Machine Tender is a flexible automation platform for machine tending and is perfect for servicing either one or two machine tools. Parts may be conveyed into and out of the cell within plastic totes on the included modular belt conveyors or directly on the belts themselves with multi-lane guide rails and part nesting.


The included FANUC LRMate 6-Axis robot, with available part specific tooling, grips a raw part from the infeed conveyor tote or directly from the infeed belt, and loads it into the appropriate machine tool work holding. After machining, the part is loaded back into the tote or placed directly onto the conveyor.

Dual grippers are available to minimize the load/unload time within the machine tool. Based on the required cycle rate, the robot may also handle transferring the empty raw part tote from the infeed conveyor unload position to the outfeed conveyor finished part load position.

  • Compact size to save floor space
  • Easy loading and unloading parts
  • Easy relocation of cell by use of pallet jack
Top right hand view of the Model RMT positioned on the right hand side of a CNC vertical machining center. Note: The RMT is provided mounted on a steel skid making removal and placement at another machine tool extremely easy. The RMT may be moved with a standard pallet jack or fork truck.
Top view of the Model RMT Machine Tender. Note: The orange pneumatic Auto Door in the background. The Auto Door enables quick access into and out of the machine tool.
  • Convenient conveyor extension at infeed
  • Narrow foot print, only 40.5′” wide outside of guarding
  • Integrated four-way pockets
  • Color touch screen teach pendant
  • 208 volts/ 1-Phase/ 60Hz and 80 psi clean/ dry air
  • Easy to use discrete interface