/ Model MT Robotic Drawer

Model MT Robotic Drawer

The Patented (US 9,351,569) MT Series Drawer Cabinet provides convenient and compact parts storage for part processing within a robotic automation cell and is available to both integrators and end users.


An operator simply opens each of the drawers from outside the robot cell, places raw parts into each drawer fixture and then closes each drawer. Next, the operator cycle starts both the machine tool and the robot. The robot moves to the top drawer, lifts the drawer handle, pulls the drawer into the robot cell and locks it into position for part unloading.

The robot now unhooks from the drawer handle, picks the first part from the drawer and then loads the machine tool. On the next cycle, a finished part is unloaded from the machine tool and a new raw part is loaded. The robot moves back to the drawer to place the finished part back into the drawer. As drawers are completed, the robot moves down to the next available drawer.

  • Easy to use

  • Operator can access drawers not in use by robot and refill with raw parts
  • Uses customer made fixture plates reducing cost

  • Provides good line of sight to machining process

  • Tabletop provides convenient place for inspection of parts after processing

  • Integral fork pockets provide easy relocation of drawer cabinet

  • Quick installation and commissioning of system

3 drawer MT Series Drawer Cabinet with the top drawer open to the operator. Notice the included drip tray for handling of wet parts.
4 drawer MT Series Drawer Cabinet with the robot controller mounted off the right hand side (custom option).
  • Compact size

  • Integrated Fork Pockets

  • Integrated galvanized drip tray
  • 48” W x 24” D x 6” H fixture area (5” H on 4 Drawer units)
  • 250 lb capacity per drawer (parts and fixture plate)
  • 3-position drawer locking (robot, mid and operator)
  • Drawer position sensors are collected and tied into an Ethernet IP distribution block
  • 3 or 4 drawer units available

Adaptec Solutions can provide a fully integrated system with the MT Series Robotic Drawer including robot, end of arm tooling, safety fence and any other required peripheral equipment as well as training and startup assistance.

Variety of parts that can use a single fixture design. Some parts have hubs and some do not. Drawer fixture design is only limited to your imagination.