/ MiJet CNC Part Cleaner

MiJet CNC Part Cleaner

The MiJet CNC Part Cleaner stand alone unit is powered by air and is placed near CNC machines or inspection stations and is used to clean coolant/cutting fluid residue and chips from machined parts.

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A special patent-pending valve allows the operator to pull the trigger on an air jet blow-off nozzle for concentrated/localized cleaning of parts, while at the same time an air-powered fan creates vacuum suction pulling coolant and mist into the storage container below.

The larger chips may be manually removed form the built in screen over the vacuum area. The coolant and smaller chip residue is collected in a storage container below. A simple band clamp is loosened to remove the collection container for easy emptying.

  • Small footprint saves floor space
  • Air powered, no electrical connections required
  • Clean filtered air exits the MiJet, promoting the collection of unhealthy coolant mist
  • Coolant collection during the cleaning process also minimizes slip hazards
Robot friendly 8” MiJet part cleaner with and oversized top and integrated nozzle array. The coolant/chip bucket is shown on the bottom and is easily removed for cleaning with a snap-style clamp.
Close up of a MiJet part cleaner with a nozzle array for automating part cleaning with a robot. Note the enclosed screened in area which houses the draw down vacuum unit.
  • One-touch operation
  • Portable