/ C-BOT Collaborative Robot Cell

C-BOT Collaborative Robot Cell

The C-BOT Freedom Series™ Machine Tending by Adaptec is a collaborative robot cell providing the user “Freedom from Fencing” in a flexible and portable package designed for small part handling. Combining FANUC Force Sensing Technology with the industry’s most successful small robot has opened the door for precise machine tending with a collaborative robot.


The C-BOT platform is designed to tend any machine. The “C” shaped part presentation shelves can be accessed while the robot is in operation.

Castings, pre-cut blanks and pallet mounted workpieces are easily handled. The C-BOT is portable and can be quickly set up where you need it.

Raw stock is placed onto the multi-tiered shelf system either in fixed pallets or against locator’s. The CNC machine and the C-BOT Collaborative Robot Cell are started.

Next, C-BOT’s collaborative robot goes to the first shelf position, grips a raw part, moves to the CNC machine (machine door is open) and loads the raw part. The robot exits the machine (the machine door then closes) and the machining process starts.

The CNC machine completes its cycle and then sends a “service request” signal to C-BOT. C-BOT’s collaborative robot moves to the CNC machine (machine door opens), unloads the completed part and places it back on the shelf, where the raw part was originally picked. A new part is reloaded to the CNC machine and the machining process started.

As the operator removes completed parts and replaces them with new raw parts, he/she acknowledges new parts have been loaded on specific shelf positions on the teach pendant HMI touch screen.

  • Easy access to your equipment! Freedom to get to where you need within the cell
  • Use it where you need it!
  • Common pallets hold your workpiece
  • Quick change locator’s nests accommodate multiple part sizes
  • Finished workpieces instantly accessible
  • Simple, easy operation of cell with push buttons and intuitive messaging
  • Easy hook-up with readily available utilities
  • Handles dual grippers or larger part with single gripper
  • Keep your floor clean
CBOT Collaborative Robot Cell and the intuitive frame notch, which enables easy access to the machine tool being tended. Note the included casters on the cell base, enabling easy repositioning of the cell if required.
FANUC CR-7iA/L collaborative robot used on the CBOT Collaborative Robot Cell. Notice the green color of the collaborative robot makes it different from the normal FANUC yellow non-collaborative industrial robots.
  • Fenceless operation
  • Portable – casters with docking hardware
  • Flexible workpiece presentation
  • Color Touch Screen Teach Pendant
  • Simple utilities, 208 volt/1 phase/60 cycle power and 80 psi clean/dry air
  • 7 kg payload robot
  • Integrated drip pan
  • Single or dual end of arm tooling
  • Part specific gripper fingers
  • Part specific fixtures
  • Digital I/O, Ethernet IP, ProfiNet, FANUC I/O Link interfaces
  • Part cleaning
  • Part marking
  • 10” color HMI user interface
  • 120 volt/1 phase/60 cycle power
  • Automatic door
  • Automatic tool changer
  • Touch sensing auto-calibrate
CBOT Collaborative Robot Cell with its “C” shaped part presentation system and frame-integrated control panel. The color teach pendant is placed in its holder on the table top.