Robotic Machine Tending Products

Adaptec offers several pre-engineered machine tending products and accessories for use with any machine tool or in-process machine. We also offer end-user and integrator friendly products for those who wish to do their own integration.

All drawers closed on the operator side of a MT Series 3 Drawer Cabinet. Notice the compact foot print and integrated fork pockets. Level lags are included for lagging and leveling of the MT Series Drawer Cabinet.
Front left side view of the Model MT Series Integrated Machine Tender. Note: An integrated robot base with fork truck pockets provides ease of relocation of the robot and MT Series Drawer Cabinet. Two sizes are available with the MT Series Integrated, a Model MT10D with a 10kg robot and a Model MT20D version with a 20Kg or 35Kg payload robot.
Front right side view of the WS8100 Workstocker. Note the WS8100 is provided with level lags to allow both machine leveling and lagging to the floor.
Front right corner view of the Model WS8100 Mate Machine Tender. Note: The robot is supported on an integrated base with the WS8100 Workstocker. Fork pockets are provided for ease of system relocation.
Front right side view of the Model MD MateTM Machine Tender positioned at a CNC lathe. Note: Even with the bi-fold safety guard in the closed position, the CNC control panel is still accessible.
Model MD MiniDrawer ™ Cabinet integrated with a FANUC LRMate 200iD/7L and mounted to a common skid. This is referred to as a Model MD7L machine tender. Main power and the air prep connection on shown on the left hand side of the drawer cabinet.
Top right hand view of the Model RMT positioned on the right hand side of a CNC vertical machining center. Note: The RMT is provided mounted on a steel skid making removal and placement at another machine tool extremely easy. The RMT may be moved with a standard pallet jack or fork truck.
CBOT Collaborative Robot Cell with its “C” shaped part presentation system and frame-integrated control panel. The color teach pendant is placed in its holder on the table top.
RoboCart with a fixture plate part presentation setup and a FANUC LRMate 200iD/7L robot with a dual end of arm tool integrated to a CNC lathe. The fixture plate setup allows the operator to load a quantity of parts on the fixture plate for processing. The robot will unload the parts individually from the fixture plate, process them within the lathe and then reload the fixture plate with the completed part. Once all parts have been processed, the robot will signal the operator for reloading.
Door Opener for CNC Machines setup on a test fixture. The air operated cylinder and mounting structure is fixed to the main wooden frame (simulating mounting the unit to the top of the CNC machine) and the “tow bar” is attached to a weighted cart simulating the mass of the door on a CNC machine.
A straight and an angled 12” MiJet part cleaner in a shop located at a CNC machine. These units feature a hand-operated blow-off nozzle and are used in a manual part cleaning application.
Side mounted Auto Door attached to the side of a mill. This pneumatic powered Auto Door is custom designed to your specific machine tool and may be mounted to a machine side panel or mounted to the front door. The Auto Door features: pneumatic door cylinder, heavy duty shock absorbers for open/close motions, precision guidance, open/close sensors, door closed safety switch and connection cables. Modification of the machine side panel is required for mounting of the Auto Door.