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Integrated Solutions has Combined Operations with Adaptec Solutions

In light of our recent announcement that we have combined operations with Adaptec Solutions, we are excited to announce the official rebrand of Integrated Solutions to Adaptec Solutions.


We understand the relationships established with you have been the key to our success. Although our name may be changing, our location in Memphis, our people, and our commitment to you is not.

We remain committed to maintaining the highest standards under our new brand identity. We thank you for your partnership and look forward to working with you in the future.

New email address format:

New Social Media Pages

New Website

The following is a list of frequently asked questions and answers regarding the acquisition and rebrand. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you as Adaptec Solutions.

Why are we rebranding?2020-12-28T17:44:09+00:00

On November 10th, it was announced that Integrated Solutions was acquired by Adaptec Solutions. The next step to combine operations is to rebrand Integrated Solutions to Adaptec Solutions.

Are there new email addresses?2020-12-28T17:56:39+00:00
  1. Yes, our new email address format is
  2. Vendor invoices to
  3. Account receivable inquiries to
  4. General inquiries to
  5. Purchase Orders to 
    1. * Note: If you currently send purchase orders to your sales contact, please continue to do so.
  6. Service inquiries to
  7. Online order inquiries to
Is there a new website?2020-12-28T17:58:19+00:00

Yes, our new website domain will be

Can I purchase products online?2020-12-28T17:59:12+00:00

Yes, you can purchase a select group of products online at A link to the online store may also be found on our website.

How do I contact Adaptec Solutions?2020-12-28T18:00:14+00:00
  1. Our phone number is 901-362-5559. 
  2. You may also contact us via our website:
  3. You can email
Can I still call the Memphis number?2020-12-28T18:00:35+00:00

Yes, the number is still 901-362-5559.

What is the change?2020-12-28T19:17:30+00:00

We have officially rebranded to Adaptec Solutions, LLC. The only change is the name.

What company information is changing?2020-12-28T19:17:39+00:00

Only the name from Integrated Solutions to Adaptec Solutions.

What is the EIN number?2020-12-28T19:17:47+00:00

The EIN number is the same as before. We only changed the name.

Is the mailing address changing?2020-12-28T19:18:20+00:00

No, the mailing address is staying the same.

Who are checks made out to?2020-12-28T19:18:29+00:00

Checks can be made out to: Adaptec Solutions, LLC.

Is a new certificate of insurance necessary?2020-12-28T19:18:37+00:00

We can provide this information, but it should not be needed as it is just a name change.

Is the banking information going to change?2020-12-28T18:04:12+00:00

We will transition to a new bank account. It will be provided upon request.

What about tax certificates?2020-12-28T18:04:35+00:00

Customers do not need to send new certificates. You can update the name the next time one is sent.

What about W9 forms?2020-12-28T18:04:58+00:00

We can provide new forms if needed.

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