Model TL200 Tray Loader

Our Adaptec Model TL200 Tray Loader is a flexible small parts handling system used for palletizing delicate parts onto carbon, ceramic or graphite trays prior to firing in a furnace. This system uses the latest in 6-axis robot technology to provide years of trouble-free service.

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How Does It Work?

The Model TL200 robot tooling is positioned within the press at a “pounce” location waiting for the powder metal press to send the “ready to pick” signal. The press molds and ejects a part and sends the “ready to pick” signal to the Model TL200. The robot moves into the press and grips the part, lifts it off the lower die punch and exits the press sending the “robot clear” signal to the press.

The press starts molding the next part. The robot moves to the sinter plate and places the molded component at a predetermined location on the plate, building a pattern of parts. The process repeats until the sinter is full and the plate is then discharged from the cell. A new sinter plate is conveyed in, positioned for loading and the process repeats.

Model TL200 Tray Loader tray conveyor setup. The tray conveyor where molded parts are placed onto trays is mounted on a pneumatic lift to enable transitioning of full and empty trays to the FANUC 6-axis robot.
Model TL200 Tray Loader from a press point of view. The FANUC 6-axis robot is positioned off to the side to provide enhanced press access. The access door and tray conveyors are shown in closed position ready to receive parts.
Model TL200 Tray Loader integrated to a Dorst TPA 30 mold press. Notice the side access door is open providing access to the robot, press and tray conveyors. The TL200 Tray Loader is mounted to a machine riser to account for the press not being pit mounted. A platform is placed around the press for operator access.
Model TL200 Tray Loader FANUC 6-axis robot picking a part from the mold press and placing it onto the sinter tray using a mechanical gripper tool. Once the tray is full it will be discharged and a new tray will be introduced. Notice the tight spacing of the parts maximizing tray density.
Top front isometric view of the TL200 Tray Loader and its compact footprint. The tray conveyors are extended to enable easy operator access. Notice the sample disc shown in the access door lower window frame. The sample disc provides an easy way to receive sample parts from the mold press. A sample request is initiated at the graphical user interface. The FANUC 6-axis robot will place the very next part onto the sample disc. The operator simply rotates the disc 180 degrees to retrieve the sample part.
TL200 Tray Loader graphical touch screen where part recipe and tray patterns are easily created. Notice the over/under tray conveyors, where empty trays are loaded and full trays are removed.




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