Powder Metal Automation

Adaptec offers automation products for the powder metal industry including: mold press unload, sinter furnace load/unload, coining press load/unload and sinter tray loading. Contact us today to speak to an engineer about your application.

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Powder Metal Automation Systems

Powder metal automation refers to the application of automated systems and technologies in the manufacturing and processing of powdered metal materials. The powder metallurgy (PM) process involves creating metal parts from metal powders by compacting and sintering. Automation in this context helps optimize the production process, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the quality and consistency of the final products.

Powder Metal Automation Products

Right front view of the Model 100A Furnace Loader. Note: The Model 100A’s compact frame mounts directly on top of the sinter furnace load table (shown on a wooden mock-up here) freeing up valuable floor space.

Model 100A Furnace Loader

Parts are molded and passes onto the furnace infeed conveyor. The robot picks parts with a magnetic gripper and place them onto the furnace belt.

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Red furnace loader with parts

Furnace Loader FL3600

The Model FL3600 Furnace Loader provides an automated method for loading pre-assembled parts onto a sinter furnace belt.

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Model MA Press Takeout mounted to a test bench. The Model MA features light-weight aluminum construction and includes quality components. Note the cable carrier allows for precision routing of all pneumatic and electrical cables to the gripper head.

Model MA Press Takeout

The Model MA Press Takeout is a single axis, air-powered linear robot used for removing “green” powder metal parts from a mold press.

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Model SE Press Takeout mounted to a test bench. Note the roll over guarding provides easy access to the press takeout. The storage/removal cart is shown in the back ground.

Model SE Press Takeout

The Model SE Press Takeout is a single axis, servo-powered linear robot used for removing “green” powder metal parts from a mold press.

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Model 220 Sizing Press Loader with vibratory infeed table for bulk loading of parts to be sized and a discharge conveyor used to transport sized parts to the next operation.

Model 220 Sizing Press Loader

A versatile, flexible robotic solution for loading and unloading parts from a sizing/coining press.

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Model TL200 Tray Loader tray conveyor setup. The tray conveyor where molded parts are placed onto trays is mounted on a pneumatic lift to enable transitioning of full and empty trays to the FANUC 6-axis robot.

TL200 Tray Loader

A flexible small parts handling system used for palletizing delicate parts onto carbon, ceramic or graphite trays prior to firing in a furnace.

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Top left hand isometric view of the Model GL Gantry Furnace Loader. This unit has a dual infeed for two different part types handled. Notice the teach pendant hanging on the side of the control panel. This convenient location provides easy access for touching up pick and place points as well as manual functions.

GL Gantry Furnace Loader

“Green” powder metal parts and sinter plates are conveyed into the gantry loader. The gantry picks a part and places it directly onto the sinter belt.

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Model 366 Magnetic Furnace Unloader front view. Note: Optional part and sinter plate handling conveyors are shown. The sinter plates travel down vibratory brushed conveyors where they are returned to the front of the sinter furnace and the parts travel down steel tabletop chain conveyors where they are further processed.

Model 366 Magnetic Furnace Unloader

An automatic method for unloading metal (ferrous) parts from any furnace belt or other moving conveyor.

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