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Adaptec has over 25 years of industrial automation experience, integrating FANUC robots for a variety of painting, coating, and dispensing applications. Automating your painting, coating, or dispensing process offers numerous advantages, from improved finish quality to increased efficiency and reduced material usage.

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What is Robotic Painting, Coating & Dispensing?

An automated painting and coating process uses robotic systems to apply various paints, coatings, or surface finishes onto a variety of objects, components, or products. This process is commonly used in automotive, aerospace, electronics, and other industries.

Robotic dispensing automates the process of accurately and precisely dispensing materials such as adhesives, sealants, and lubricants. It is widely used in industries including automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical, packaging, and more.

Robotic Painting, Coating & Dispensing Components

Benefits of Automating Your Process

Key benefits of automating your painting, coating, or dispensing process include consistent and high-quality finishes, reduced overspray and material waste, improved workplace safety, increased production rates, and decreased labor costs over manual painting methods.

Using robots for painting and coating helps achieve uniformity and repeatability in the finishing process, resulting in a more appealing and professional appearance for the end products. In a dispensing application, robotic integration is particularly valuable for precise and consistent material application. Specifically, applications involve bonding components, encapsulating electronics, sealing joints, or creating intricate patterns.


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