Yellow robot unloading parts from drawer system

MT Series Integrated

The Adaptec Model MT series Robotic Machine Tending system provides an automated method for loading into and out of virtually any machine tool. A unique drawer system is utilized for parts storage whereby customer supplied fixtures are placed in the drawers, providing consent part locations for robotic unload. More information about the MT Series Drawer Cabinet.

How Does It Work?

An operator simply opens each of the drawers from outside the robot cell, places raw parts into each drawer fixture and then closes each drawer. Next, the operator cycle starts both the machine tool and the robot. The robot moves to the top drawer, lifts the drawer handle, pulls the drawer into the robot cell and locks it into position for part unloading.

The robot now unhooks from the drawer handle, picks the first part from the drawer and then loads the machine tool. On the next cycle, a finished part is unloaded from the machine tool and a new raw part is loaded. The robot moves back to the drawer to place the finished part back into the drawer. As drawers are completed, the robot moves down to the next available drawer.

Front left side view of the Model MT Series Integrated Machine Tender. Note: An integrated robot base with fork truck pockets provides ease of relocation of the robot and MT Series Drawer Cabinet. Two sizes are available with the MT Series Integrated, a Model MT10D with a 10kg robot and a Model MT20D version with a 20Kg or 35Kg payload robot.
Typical dual end of arm tool for the Model MT Series Integrated Machine Tender. Note: The included drawer hook on the end of arm tooling enables the opening and closing of the MT Series Drawers. Dual grippers also provide quick “In-the-Door” time for machine load/unload.
Front left view of the Model MT Series Integrated Machine Tender. Note: The MT Series Drawer Cabinet includes 3 Drawers (4 Drawers are an available option) with a large 48” W x 24” D x 6” H part fixture area.




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