SpanTech Right Angle Sortation

Right-Angle Sortation Systems

Right-angle sortation systems are used to push small to medium sized products at a 90 degree angle on a conveying system. Contact us to learn more about how we can integrate these into your material handling and automation systems.

Sort Product with Minimal Floor Space Using Right-Angle Sortation Systems

These systems can be used to build product lanes and feed end of line packaging systems, such as stretch wrappers and palletizers. With the utilization of the 90 degree angle, these systems can maximize output on minimal floor space.

Hytrol ViperSort Right Angle Sortation
Hytrol ViperSort Right Angle Sortation
SpanTech Right Angle Sortation
Hytrol ViperSort Right Angle Sortation

Hytrol ViperSort Right-Angle Sortation

Sort up to 120 items-per-minute

Hytrol’s ViperSort uses a patented pushing mechanism to enable the sorting of small-to-medium-sized products, including cylindrical products, blister packs, vinyl envelops, and other irregular items. These devices sort up to 120 items per minute with close divert centers.


  • Small package handling
  • Flexible sort locations


  • Polybags
  • Blister packs
  • Otherwise non-conveyable product

SpanTech Transpositor Right-Angle Conveyors

Flexible, adaptable, affordable

The SpanTech Transpositor provides right-angle product transfers and allow product lanes or patterns to be built across the width of receiving conveyors. The transfer function uses our sprocket-driven MicroSpan chain. Servo, pneumatic actuator or AC motor can power the depositing function.


  • Handle anything – the Transpositor has the ability to handle almost any type of product
  • Positive driving – sprocket-driven chain which eliminates tracking issues
  • Ultra-low maintenance – No lubrication is required to run the Transpositor making it virtually maintenance free
  • Very small footprint – the configurators are flexible, giving the Transpositor the smallest footprint possible
  • Efficient – safe, low-noise running off 24 volts


  • Can be used as product reject or divert for delicate products
  • The Transpositor is ideal for feeding wrappers, case packers, and hand pack stations
  • Build product lanes or patterns across the width of receiving conveyors
  • Sprocket-driven chain, no tracking issues
SpanTech Right Angle Sortation


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