Diverters & Gates

Diverters can be used to sort and merge rigid and non-rigid products in your conveying line. Contact us to learn more about how we can integrate these into your material handling and automation systems.

Flexible Conveyor System Automation with Diverters & Gates

Adaptec engineers solutions for diverting all your product types – fragile and solid. Effective diverters can be essential to the continuous flow of your production or distribution line.

Toilet Paper moving down 2 conveyor lines being diverted into a single line
Overhead view of a Dorner Diverter Gate
Dorner Powered Diverter on 2 lines of conveyor
SpanTech Diverter Background
SpanTech Powered Diverter
SpanTech Powered Diverter
SpanTech Powered Diverter with package moving into the gate

SpanTech Powered Divert Conveyor

Alleviate accumulation issues with a powered divert conveyor

The powered divert sorting and merging conveyor is an ideal solutions for non-rigid and bagged products. It is especially useful for non-rigid items, such as bagged products. Powered diverts are also valuable for applications with a limited conveyor length, specifically where a standard, stationary divert rail (with a lesser angle of deflection) would be too long to fit within the available space. The powered divert helps the product continue moving forward, alleviating accumulation issues. The powered divert is a small conveyor (Minilink or Multispan) turned at a 90° angle and suspended above the horizontal chain.


  • Helps push the product across the horizontal chain
  • Usually powered by a WA20 or WA30 gearmotor
  • Product must be large enough to avoid falling between the two parallel conveyors


  • Food production
  • Packaging
  • Ecommerce

Dorner Diverters & Gates

Control Product Flow

Controlling the continuous flow of products through the line is critical to maintain efficiency. Product flow is achieved using a variety of methods and components depending upon the product, flow path and equipment with which to interface. Product can be diverted using static guides and plows or dynamic gates and paddles.


  • Changes product direction to single or multiple locations
  • Often used to meter flow to specific areas or separate products based on certain attributes
  • Control via proximity switches, photo eyes and counters are typical
  • Motion can be achieved via pneumatic or electric components

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