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What is an AGV/AMR?

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) are two types of warehouse automation technologies. Choosing between one or the other depends on the specific needs and requirements of your warehouse, including type and volume of goods being transported, space constraints of the facility, and overall budget. 


An AMR is an autonomous mobile robot that uses advanced navigation technologies such as sensors, cameras, and machine learning algorithms to move and transport goods within a warehouse. Unlike AGVs, AMRs do not require a predetermined path and can be programmed to navigate around  obstacles, adjust their path in real-time, and make decisions based on the environment.


An AGV is an automated vehicle that moves on the ground and can be programmed to follow a predetermined path in a warehouse. AGVs are equipped with sensors, cameras, and navigation systems to help move and transport products and materials within a facility. They transport items from one location to another, move items to and from storage areas, and carry items between different levels of a multi-level facility. 

Benefits of an AGV or AMR

Integrating an AGV or AMR into your warehousing processes offers numerous benefits, including increased efficiency, improved safety, and reduced operating costs. With the ability to handle repetitive material transportation tasks, human laborers are available for more value-added activities. AGVs and AMRs also further optimize warehouse operations through continuous data-driven improvements. 

Industries & Applications

AGVs and AMRs can be used in various applications across different industries to automate material handling tasks. 

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Omron’s mobile robots are fully autonomous intelligent vehicles that increase throughput, reduce machine dwell time, eliminate errors, improve material traceability, and allow employees to focus on tasks that require complex human skills.

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