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Forging Roundtable with FIA’s Jim Warren and Bonney Forge Corporation’s Drew Hunsinger

Adaptec Solutions’ retired executive and current board member, Jim Morris, led a Forging Industry Association (FIA) workshop in Ohio, attended by Mario Trizzino of Adaptec and Drew Hunsinger from Bonney Forge Corporation. After learning about Hunsinger’s interest in looking for that first step in automation, Trizzino joined together with Morris and FIA’s Jim Warren to […]

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How can automation alleviate labor shortage problems?

Unemployment is high and businesses are struggling to hire. At McDonald’s, employees are putting slips of paper into bags asking customers to apply for a job. “Help Wanted” signs are increasingly the norm. There is no doubt that finding workers is going to be a challenge for us in the next few years. Our customers […]

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