Automation by Industry and Market

We serve customers across the country in the following industries and markets as strategic partners.


Solutions for every aspect of aerospace manufacturing from sorting the smallest fasteners to machining advanced surfaces and materials to large, high-accuracy assembly operations.


Helping automotive manufacturers reach their peak performance with speed, precisions, reliability and repeatability.


Experience and expertise in a diverse range of solutions for cement and concrete manufacturers.

Construction Materials

Enhance product quality and appearance through precision automation.

General Industrial

Delivering on your customer promise through deliberate system approach, intentional movement and plant flow optimization.

Food & Beverage

Improve flow and product processing with integrated sanitary handling solutions.


Make an impact on your bottom line through automated material movement.


Increase processing accuracy and speed through flexible automation.


Patients trust in you, trust in quality parts through precise automation processes.

Metal Working

Improved productivity and machine uptime through functional automation.


Durable automation systems for robust part processing and assembly on all frontiers.

Parcel Handling

High-speed and accurate automation solutions.


Engineering and automation systems for advanced precision material handling.

Powdered Metals

Efficient part processing automation.

Warehousing & Logistics

Maximize storage and efficiency for accurate material movement.